• A True Chargriller Uses NO GAS

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    No Gas T-ShirtIn the South where the weather keeps folks outdoors all year long, most grill masters consider cooking with gas to be for those with no taste buds. Are you one of these charcoal gurus that refuses to cook with gas? If so, this newly released t-shirt and apron design is for you. Now you can let everyone know you’re a true Chargriller.

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  • Father’s Day Note From Char-Griller

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    Hello Char-Griller Customer!
    We would like to let you know that as of today, June 12, 2009 through Friday, June 19, 2009 Chargriller.com is putting on a special sale for Father’s Day! Throughout our website you will see deals that include:
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    -Cast Iron Griddles

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    Don’t let Dad think you forgot about his special day! Take advantage of our sale before it ends!

    Happy Grillin’!
    Char-Griller Team

  • Smoke Stack Modification

    Posted on February 25th, 2009 Grill Sargent 1 comment

    Continuing with our series of modifications for the Char-Griller “Pro”, we decided to try out a mod that is meant to enhance the smoking capabilities or our grill by extending the smoke stack down to grate level for better heat distribution.

    The original smoke stack comes straight off the main cooking chamber and extends upward 8 inches. The drawback to this is that the heat from the firebox enters the main cooking chamber and by the laws of thermodynamics immediately rises, moves across the top of the chamber and exits upward out the stack. This creates uneven heat across the item being cooked as shown in the diagram below.

    The original Char-Griller smoke stack creates uneven heat distrbution

    The original Char-Griller smoke stack creates uneven heat distrbution

    By extending the smoke stack down to grate level, we are able to change the distribution of heat as well as keeping it over the item we are cooking for a longer period of time. See the diagram below.

    Results of extending the smoke stack down to grate level

    Results of extending the smoke stack down to grate level

    The items needed for this mod can be found at your local home improvement store:

    Hardware you will need

    Hardware you will need

    • (1) 30″ length of 3″ dia. flexible aluminum gas vent pipe.
    • (1) 3″ stainless steel hose clamp.
    • (1) 5/16″x 1/2″ bolt with nut and flat washer.

    The Tools you will need:

    • Drill with a 5/16″ bit.
    • Tin Snips.
    • Flat blade screwdriver.

    STEP ONE: Start by slipping the hose clamp over one end of the flexible pipe. Then slide the pipe and clamp over the protruding collar of the existing smoke stack. Secure the hose clamp using a screw driver. Bend and form the pipe into a “S” shape so that that it exits in the corner of the main cooking chamber as shown.

    placing the pipe

    Step One

    STEP TWO: Mark the pipe where it meets the bottom of the main cooking chamber lid. Take your tin snips and trim the pipe at the mark you just made so that it is flush with the bottom of lid. This will put the entrance to the smoke stack right at grate level.

    Trimming the flex pipe.

    Step Two

    STEP THREE: Drill a 5/16″ hole about 1-1/2″ inward and 3/4″ up from the corner of the main cooking chamber lid. This hole should fall in the center of the 3″ vent pipe. You will need to mark the pipe through the center of the hole you just drilled. Then drill a hole in the vent pipe at the marked location. You will then secure the pipe to the corner of the lid using the 5/16″ bolt, nut and washer.

    Step Three

    Step Three

    The total costs of the modification was less that 10 bucks and should make a considerable improvement on heat distribution. This mod will solve the problem of one side of your brisket being undercooked while the other side is just right. Check back as we plan on taking some grate level temperature readings with and without the stack extension to see the exact results of this mod.

    Finished Installation

    Finished Installation