• A True Chargriller Uses NO GAS

    No Gas T-ShirtIn the South where the weather keeps folks outdoors all year long, most grill masters consider cooking with gas to be for those with no taste buds. Are you one of these charcoal gurus that refuses to cook with gas? If so, this newly released t-shirt and apron design is for you. Now you can let everyone know you’re a true Chargriller.

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  • Beer Can Chicken Rack Review

    chicken-standCooking chicken vertically on a beer can is a  is great way to get a moist and flavorful bird. The steaming beer cooks from the inside out and helps keep moisture in, but one has to wonder how healthy it is to heat a ink coated aluminum can inside your chicken.  A great alternative is   Steven Raichlen’s  Beer-Can Chicken Rack . It let’s you make great beer can chicken without introducing toxins into your food.  This item comes with a wire  rack, two piece canister and a drip pan, all of which are made of stainless steel.  The canister allows you to use any liquid you want to cook your chicken. You could use beer, wine, orange juice,  soda, lemon aid our any combination of spices you might want to add.

    If you have ever tried to stand a chicken upright supported on just a can,  you’ll love how well this rack supports the bird, no more wondering if the chicken has fallen over when you close the grill lid. It also has a pan to catch dripping fat which keeps your grill clean and prevents flare ups.

    It works great, here's the proof

    It works great, here's the proof

    I give this product 4 of 5 stars. The only drawbacks I found were that the drip pan could be a little larger, I had to drain it once during cooking so it would not overflow  and at $24.99, I felt the price was on the high side. Other than that, it’s a great product that I highly recommend.